Zhuolie participated in Cosmoprof Asia 2011.11

Cosmoprof Asia, since 1996 held in Hong Kong, was the first held outside Europe Cosmoprof event, is the world's important communication platform of beauty and health industry.

The 16th Cosmoprof Asia 2011 held in Hong Kong November 9 to 11, show the scale of the highest ever recorded. As the leading corporate of Chinese beauty salon furniture, Zhuolie exhibition of new products at Cosmoprof Asia. Zhuolie introduced the new product like electric barber chair, electric shampoo bed, top-grade classic barber chair, and joined a series of innovative technologies such as electric, intelligent switches, touch technology, wireless remote control, LED light source, conquered the presence of Visitors.

One of the new product "intelligent hair electric chair 09A03/09A06" and "electric Smart shampoo bed 12C04", especially by the Visitors of all ages, and "all stainless steel luxury antique salon chairs A621" on the show do to win more praise, play the leading role.

At the exhibition, Zhuolie not only shows the strength of high-end products and businesses, but also from overseas counterparts learned more new techniques and new ideas. Zhuolie continue to be an international vision and dedication to providing our customers with high quality, diverse functional furniture products and services.

Zhuolie's new product show at Cosmoprof Asia