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Solid wood Massage Bed,can used for common massage, essential oil massage, thai massage, ayurveda massage, etc. It made by global high-end salon's partner, zhuolie industrial trading co.,Ltd, who is a professional salon furniture manufacture.

This Topgrade massage bed/ beauty bed:

Basic information:
[Brand] Zhuolie
[Product Name] Solid wood Massage Bed
[Model No.] 08D01

1, hot sell classical design wooden massage bed
2, 5 in 1 multifuntional type with one massage bed, two bolsters, one oil-collecting copper basin, one wooden footrest and one movable pillow
3, 2 matresses supplied. top matress can be lift up and placed on the gound to carry out massage. the second matress can carry out oil massage
4, wood bed frame.The bed can be lift to adjust the height
5, high density sponge makes you fell very comfortable
6, manmade copper basin and pot inside the bed
7, the unit also can be perfectly matched with the essential oil stand "08L03", which can help provide you a joyful essential oil massage experience
8, standard outfittings: 1 step, 2 columnar cushions, 1 insert headrest

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