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Top-Grade Electric Massage Water Bed

massage water bed

Basic information:
[Brand] Zhuolie
[Product Name] massage water bed
[Model No.] 09D10

1.High quality & Stable, Reasonable Price, Hot sell massage water bed in West Europe / North America / China.
2.Solid wood table frame and solid wood boards.
3.High technology of touch control.
4.Adjustable backrest and footrest by electric.
5.With LED chromotherapy.
6.Heating plate 5-year warranty, CE UL certified, safe and reliable.
7.Excellent temperature regulation and overheating protection.

Length: 198 cm (78 inches)
Width: 80 cm (31 inches)
Height: 72 cm (28 inches)
Material: Solid wood / strong plastic (thickness 1.2mm)
Net weight: 165 kg (364 lb)
Voltage: 110-220V
Tempreture: 25-40 degrees

massage water bed
massage water bed
massage water bed
massage water bed
massage water bed

Massage water bed equipment Feature:
LED chromotherapy improve sleeping,It is very high effective for sleeping and health.
1. Computer automatic temperature technology.
With far infrared energy heating devices, water temperature 25 degrees -40 degrees in any mediation to bring you comfortable feeling.
2. Safety, energy conservation.Energy heating panels to produce high-density insulation seal, the use of conductive heating of water, stopped working, low power consumption, to ensure safe, reliable, and energy-saving.
3. Structural stability, soft and comfortable.
Solid matrix placed on a box-type bed or stand on four legs specially reinforced.
4. the energy of water regulation and water bed material itself features.
Not deformed, soft, comfortable, sleep also affects each other with two double beds.
5. 2 motor ,Headrest can be adjustable according to the customer when the bed is flat.

Massage water bed equipment Function:
1.The inner tube can choose to use memory structures.
Use of water flow, adapt to the body's normal physiological curvature, it is adjusted to generate dynamic effects of sleep, reduce body weight on the skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels of oppression.
2. Far Infrared energy effects.
Inside the tire bed far infrared energy emitted water absorption and penetration of its resonance characteristics, rapid temperature body, through the meridians, accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism.
3. Holographic energy water bed.
Water is injected into the energy of the water, without organic matter, and the water in the tire body is sealed, install water-bed, we put the energy in the internal energy of each matrix element preservatives, so the water does not metamorphism. Change the water every 10 years.
4.Energy water bed are suitable for children/older, especially female beauty sleep has a significant effect, can reshape the perfect body.

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