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ultra-luxury multi-functional spa beauty bed, the integration of phototherapy bed, hyperthermia bed, water bed, beauty bed, massage bed and other features in one bed. electric control height, angle, headrest and backrest by german technology electric putter, bed frame surrounded by silver plate and diamond decoration. it's the combination of advanced technology and exquisite handmade, make it even more elegance and luxury.

SPA beauty bed

spa beauty bed introduction:
type: luxury multi-functional spa beauty bed
brand name: zhuolie model number: 08D04-5
place of origin: guangdong, china (mainland)


spa beauty bed feature and function:
1. solid wood bed frame, surrounded with silver plate decoration and inlaid with diamonds decoration. exquisite handmade, highlight the elegance and luxury.
2. mattresses middle part is the warm water cushions, where guests float on warm water, weightless as if floating in the water. due to the water cushion is more close to different body type, alleviate the pressure of the guests joints and muscles, so that the guests body can enter the state of total relaxation, relieve muscle tension, accelerate blood circulation, can improve sleep, relieve stress, balance body and mind.
3. there is ultra-thin heating film under the water cushion, using switzerland's technology, 5 year warranty, ce, ul certification, safe and reliable. heating element based on the need to heat and adjusts the temperature, heating water cushion.
4. with the led lights, capable of launching a variety of colored light phototherapy. formed by the colored light of different colors by different wavelengths of energy, through the eyes and brain to perceive absorption, psychological and chemical reactions in the brain. the different colors have different effects on the human body, such as blue can make people physically and mentally calm, relieve stress and promote physical and mental harmony.
5. all-electric control, adjustable height, angle, headrest and backrest by remote control, more completely fit the body curve, allowing guests to get a more comfortable feeling.
6. 3-motor inside, ce certification motors, guarantee 38000 times of using.
7. high efficient, low loss, durability, long service life.
8. optional installation music vibration, heat therapy and massage function.


spa beauty bed photo as following:

SPA beauty bed
SPA beauty bed
SPA beauty bed



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