Faced with the financial crisis, Zhuolie insist on the upgrading and restructuring


As Premier Wen Jiabao at the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress, said: This year may be the most difficult year, but may also be the most promising year.

Affected by the international financial turmoil and the spread of European debt crisis, coupled with the transformation of China government macroeconomic policies, the majority of small and medium enterprises operating in the face high production costs, the overall effectiveness of decline, financing difficulties, and many other difficult. RMB appreciation, rising labor costs make it even worse. Traditional, low value-added products and services has been difficult to sustain. We Must be restructured and innovation in order to achieve a breakthrough.

With 15 years of accumulated experience in Salon Furniture, Zhuolie's thinking and philosophy in full compliance with international standards, we insist on the upgrading and restructuring: Product Upgrades,Cogitation Upgrades,Technology Upgrades,Service Upgrades. Zhuolie adhere to the concept of "independent innovation", according to the market and industry trends change constantly self-adjusting, using the advanced technology and materials, continuously inject fresh vitality in our products.

In March 2012, Zhuolie launched electric beauty bed 08D04-4, electric beauty bed 08D04-5, antique electric spa beauty bed 12D02, tourmaline stone far infrared therapy beds 12D03, and beauty tools cars, shelves and other products, injected into a more perfect elements for the industry.


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- antique barber chair - electric spa bed - electric facial bed - solid wood massage bed - solid wood massage table - salon chair - salon waiting chair - salon mirror -
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