Video of Man Barber Chair A621

Topgrade Luxury man barber chair A621! Unique antique barber chair!

Basic information:
[Brand] Zhuolie
[Product Name] Luxury man barber chair
[Model No.] A621
[Color leather] black crocodile pattern and grey snake pattern

1)Every parts is made of cast stainless steel, good quality and smooth without any distortion or blister.
2)All moulds are made by our Zhuolie. Net weight 165KG.
3)Manual polished , not chromed. shinny just like mirror.
4)Every screw is made of stainless steel.
5)There is not any welding spot on the chair. All the parts are connected by screws.
6)Headrest can be lift and adjusted.
7)Whole chair can be sleep flat, with footrest support.
8)Strong enough, even you can stand on the footrest.

man barber chairman barber chair
man barber chairman barber chair

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