Luxury Antique Man Barber Chair A621,Click to see the big Picture and Video
Luxurious Men's Hair Salon, New Gold Mine of Hairdressing Industry
Luxurious Men's Hair Salon

During the period of economics declines, we, Guangzhou Zhuolie Intelligent Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. specially launches the concept of “Luxurious Men's Hair Salon”, with our luxury antique man barber chair A621 (please refer to pics)

As a R&D, we are proved that the latest designed product is much better than the older one in the appearance, materials and functions as much market research works are conducted and the workmanship are improved before and in the designing and researching. Our, Zhuolie’s luxury A621 antique barber chair is casted by stainless steel with durable superior leather, with the function of reclining and revolving. It’s more than a barber chair, is an art pieces, classical also fashionable.

The traditional concept or products cannot satisfy the new demand in the tough beauty industry. To die or to breakthrough? What’s Zhuolie brings into the industry is not just a barber chair, but a business opportunity for development!

Luxurious Men's Hair Salon
Luxurious Men's Hair Salon
Luxurious Men's Hair Salon

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